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    Athena Point5MkII, ASP300

    Point5MkII, ASP300
    (Home Speaker Packages - 5.1 Systems)

    Athena's POINT5 MK II sound system has been conceived to dramatically enhance your home theater and music listening pleasure. Capitalizing on athena's breakthrough research and development in acoustics and speaker engineering, this system is designed inside out to work together perfectly, with such features as timbrematched drivers and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) cabinets to minimize resonance and enrich the deep bass.The POINT5 MK II system comes complete with four S.5 satellite speakers, and the matching C.5 center channel. For bass enhancement, the matching active subwoofer AS-P300 features athena's exclusive SCT control for perfect subwoofer to speaker blending, which will provide the sound of large tower speakers in a small subwoofer satellite combination. For performance enhanced music and home theater sound, get to the point with POINT5 MKII.



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